Let the tension wrap around us until it finds the sweetness of our intention, the purity of our chemistry; hidden hearts whispering secrets to the air between them Lust of the spirit — I hear it in every word you swallow I see it in every gaze averted Honey, don’t close your windows Don’t deny […]

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An Outstretched Heart

I thought love was a fragile thing, a leaf in late September; something you treasure for a limited time But my love was red then blue then blind, every kind of joy and pain; the summit of strength then a tidal wave crumbling the mountain What could be stronger than the creator and the destroyer […]

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To Heal

I counted the days without you, each one a tribute to my healing — my strength to resist what persists I counted the days without you to unchain your memory from my psyche, to find relief from the grief of vacancy In the space you used to fill I put a meter to count how many […]

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Output of Loneliness

I forget to breathe. I forget the sun is rising. The space between my heartbeats is filling everything, until the wound is so wide I’m forced to fall inside its tenderness. This is the artist’s way. Our tools are crafted from pain. Our blood is paint, our soul stretched on the canvas. It’s madness to […]

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My heart has always lived on the page Where ink meets empty space, I create In my own arms I’m safe to be naked against infinity, my nudity the midwife between God and humanity I weave the tapestry of a new mentality, seduce the margins to bend, lay the line where it can receive me […]

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